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Operation Lifesaver Estonia
Tamo Vahemets
EM: tamo@operationlifesaver.eu
+ 37 2 5045112

Total number of LX in 2009: 330
Total number of LX in 2010:

Accidents in 2007: 46
Accidents in 2008: 25
Accidents in 2009: 18
Accidents in 2010: 20

Fatalities in 2007: 13
Fatalities in 2008: 9
Fatalities in 2009: 8
Fatalities in 2010: 11

Awareness measures

Link to the ILCAD website

Outdoor posters displayed at LX in major cities

E-mail will be used for notifying local residents about the awareness day

TV: A press release will be sent to all TV channels inviting them to cover the awareness day in OLE announce a photo contest results for depicting railways

Winners of photoshooting

Use of the EU/ILCAD video on internet

Link to the ILCAD website

- Estonian Railway Ldt http://www.evr.ee
- AS Edelaraudteehttp://www.edel.ee (Railway companies)
- Police forces http://www.politsei.ee
- Estonian Technical Surveillance Authorityhttp://www.tja.ee


- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0rRuKgB81w&feature=related