Mihaela Tomurad Sušac
tel: +385 1 378 3006
e-mail: mihaela.tomuradsusac@hznet.hr

Ida Erceg
tel: +385 1 378 3019
e-mail: ida.erceg@hznet.hr
web: www.hznet.hr

Total number of LX in 2007: 1566

Total number of LX in 2008: 1561

Total number of LX in 2009: 1541

Total number of LX in 2010: 1515

Accidents in 2007: 72
Accidents in 2008: 39
Accidents in 2009: 71
Accidents in 2010: 40

Fatalities in 2007: 12
Fatalities in 2008: 9
Fatalities in 2009: 15
Fatalities in 2010: 7

Awareness measures

Preventive and educational activity The train is always faster, launched in year 2000, intended for children in elementary school, the purpose is to warn and make children aware of the potential consequences and risks of playing near the tracks and how to carefully cross at level-crossings, since 2007 special campaign The train is always faster was dedicated to drivers of road vehicles
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Croatian Railways Holding,
Croatian Railways Infrastructure,
Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure,
Ministry of Interior,
HAK (Croatian Automobile Club)

1st prize drawing contest SARA 7 years CROATIA: