Company : FTIA ( Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency)

Contact :

  • Jarmo Koistinen
  • jarmo.koistinen@ftia.fi
  • +358295343166

Company’s website : www.vayla.fi/en

Level crossings’ website : https://vayla.fi/rataverkko/tasoristeykset

National campaign website : https://vayla.fi/rataverkko/tasoristeykset/tasoristeysturvallisuus

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCINO0iLbvJ3dfoUAm_JqX2A

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/vaylafi?lang=fi

Contacts at Press/Communication:
Kaisa-Elina Porras / +358295343864 / kaisa-elina.porras@vayla.fi
Niko Hyppönen / +358295 34 3131 / niko.hypponen@vayla.fi

Statistics 2019

  • Total number of LC in 2016 : 2778
  • Total number of LC in 2017 : 2748
  • Total number of LC in 2018 : 2723
  • Total number of accidents in 2016 : 30
  • Total number of accidents in 2017 : 26
  • Total number of accidents in 2018 : 27
  • Total number of fatalities in 2016 : 6
  • Total number of fatalities in 2017 : 7
  • Total number of fatalities in 2018 : 4

Total number of collisions with motorized vehicles 27
of which trucks 3
of which buses/coaches 2
of which other professional vehicles 0
of which passenger cars 22
of which two-wheel motorized vehicles 2
Total number of pedestrians hit at LC* 0

  • Total length of lines (km) : 5 926
  • Total number of train km/year (millions) : 50 km/year

Awareness measures

Presentations, maps, computer presentations

ILCAD in a Finnish way
International level crossing awareness day which was held 6.6.2019 at the Railway Museum of Finland in a decent +28 °C temperature. The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) organized the event. There was free entry for public to the museum during the event.
FTIA sent before the event a media press release with the slogan that this is the "most important stop of the day".
Awareness day started with three presentations. First FTIA’s railway director Markku Nummelin told about the history of the level crossing safety. After that, there were two presentations about the ongoing level crossing improvement program.
After that the FTIA organized in place an old shunting locomotive OTSO1 that shuttled both children’s and their parents.
Train history enthusiasts had built up outside a retired old light and sound warning system. The bells rang and the lights flickered every time when that old locomotive passed through the level crossing. Children liked it and it was a memorable experience for them.
The culmination point and good end of the day was when the old steam locomotive "Ukko-Pekka" arrived to the museums platform.
There were approximately 200 visitors during the event.
This morning there was some 10 articles about the event at the media.