France 2012


Accidents in 2007: 115
Accidents in 2008: 115
Accidents in 2009: 126
Accidents in 2010: 110
Accidents in 2011: 110

The number of collisions has decreased over the last ten years; 238 ten years ago, 110 in 2011, since 2000: -50% fewer collisions

Fatalities in 2007: 38
Fatalities in 2008: 38
Fatalities in 2009: 36
Fatalities in 2010: 28
Fatalities in 2011: 29

The number of fatalities has been halved over the last ten years: 55 fatalities ten years ago, 29 in 2011)

Awareness measures

ILCAD video in French

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Dedicated website

Videos of RFF awareness activities at 12 level crossings on 5th July in France:

Interview of Frédéric Cuvillier, French Minister of Transport in Mennecy in the Parisian Suburbs :

Interview by RFF of Frédéric Cuvillier, French Minister of Transport

Interview of Hubert du Mesnil, President of RFF :

Interview of Jean-Yves Salaün, French Association for Road Safety Prevention by RFF

Speech of Henri Prévost – Adjoint au Délégué Interministériel à la sécurité et à la circulation routières:

Inteview of Isabelle Fonverne by RFF:


Oullins near Lyon:

Champagne Ardennes

Journée de sensibilisation aux passages à niveau... par France3-Champagne-Ardenne




RFF hosted this year the international ILCAD 2012 launch conference held on 7 June from 16:00 to 17:15 French time at RFF HQ in Paris