Kenya 2015


1) Isaac Mutashi
Safedrive Africa Foundation (SDAF)

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  • Number of collisions in 2010 : 11
  • Number of collisions in 2011 : 27
  • Number of collisions in 2012 : 19
  • Number of collisions in 2013 : 25
  • Number of collisions in 2014 : tbc
  • Number of fatalities in 2010 : 11
  • Number of fatalities in 2011 : 19
  • Number of fatalities in 2012 : 3
  • Number of fatalities in 2013 : 3
  • Number of fatalities in 2014 : tbc
  • Partners involved :
  • Hoywik program-Kibra slums
  • Braeburn schools
  • Kibagare girls football clubs
  • Mimosa court management
  • Awareness measures :
  • Use of ILCAD 2015 posters
  • Use of ILCAD 2015 video
  • Football match to raise awareness among young people
  • motorcyclists awareness campaign youth workshops

Safedrive Africa Foundation (SDAF) is a ROAD SAFETY NGO registered with NGOs Coordination Board under the NGOs Coordinating Act of 1990 in Kenya under Kenya Government.

SDAF was founded as a result challenges facing vulnerable road users, we facilitate road safety programs to increase knowledge and Change Drivers behavior, raising awareness, Advocacy, Lobbying, Community Events Outreach, advocacy and road safety awareness campaigns to drivers, pedestrians, children’s and Motorcyclists.
Raising awareness among young people of the extent of death and injury on our roads, and empower vulnerable road users to prevent it through careful use of roads as a shared responsibility.

SDAF comprised of road Traffic victims and highly skilled successful young people with experience on African Continent roads, UAE Roads, Middle East Roads,Intra Gulf and Gulf Countries roads, sharing the passion to transform their lives through capacity building programs and Safety measures on road safety initiatives geared towards saving 5 millions of lives by support Decade Of Action For Road Safety 2011-2020.

We are open for Partnerships,collaborations & cooperation with any road safety organizations, research institute,Governments or organization and International companies both in exchanging
research knowledge and in seeking opportunities for collaborative implementation.

  • Number of level crossings in Kenya : 254

Photos taken at Braeburn School Arusha for Road safety — à Arusha, Tanzania

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Partners :

  • Motor vehicle drivers,Market vendors,School Children,Motor bike cyclists.
  • partnership with Government Agencies

Awareness measures :

  • Use of the ILCAD 2015 video
  • use of the ILCAD 2015 posters