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Maris Ozols / +37167232873 / maris.ozols@ldz.lv

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  • UIC,
  • The State Police of Latvia,
  • Road traffic Safety Directorate, etc.

Awareness measures

In cooperation with the Latvian State Police, we will organize a social experiment on the behavior of people near the railway tracks and how the behavior varies according to external conditions. During the 7th of June Latvian State Police will capture the behavior of pedestrians, motorists and other traffic participants and make a dialog with those who do not follow the rules. Before the event there will be official speaches given from the experts in this field. Main message this year is that the fight with the train is meaningless and train will always win, emphasizing that the train can not be stopped immediately. We choose the fight aspect because of its significance in Latvia this year.

Past campaigns
On 10 June 2016 at the Latvian Railway History Museum there was a free exhibition for seniors and an international conference. Specialists from Riga’ Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital examined 250 seniors plus participants of the conference.

On the level crossing in Riga a demonstration of the collision between a train and a “human being” – a mannequin (weight: 80 kg, height: 1.85 cm) filled with a red filling – took place during the press conference https://vimeo.com/43595845

vilciens cilveks from Atruma Cilts on Vimeo.

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  • Latvian Railways video:


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