Lithuanian Railways

Giedrius Judickas

email: g.judickas@litrail.lt

Tel number : +370 5 269 25 66

Contact names for the Press/Communication:
Gintaras Sinkevicius
+ 370 5 269 38 61
Andrius Janusauskas
+ 370 5 269 33 04

Address of my company’s website : http://www.litrail.lt

Total number of LX in 2007: 531
Total number of LX in 2008: 523
Total number of LX in 2009: 530
Total number of LX in 2010: 536
Total number of LX in 2011: 538

Accidents in 2007: 16
Accidents in 2008: 14
Accidents in 2009: 15
Accidents in 2010: 11
Accidents in 2011: 15

Fatalities in 2007: 5
Fatalities in 2008: 7
Fatalities in 2009: 7
Fatalities in 2010: 5
Fatalities in 2011: 6

_Total length of lines (km) : 2,184

_Total number of train km/year (thousands) : 15,321

Awareness measures

_Use of Press release.
_Safety leaflet distributed.
_Use of the ILCAD videos on the Lithuanian Railways internet website.
_Special reports on television: safety on railways.
_From 4th until 7th of June 2012, preventive action at high risk level crossings where drivers will be informed about accidents which have occurred in the past at level crossings and correct procedures of passage.
_They also will be asked to conform to the safety requirements as laid down with The Road Traffic Rules. This action will be performed by the Traffic Police and Lithuanian Railways staff.
_Lectures regarding the safe passage at level crossings and other railway safety requirements for school pupils will be held in the Railway Museum.
_Articles concerning safe passage at level crossings and safety information will be published in the Regional/National Press.
Use of the ILCAD/EU Video "Just in time" 2010 on Internet
Use of the ILCAD montage made for the ILCAD 2011 campaign
Use of the new ILCAD 2012 video


  • JSC (Lithuanian Railways)
  • Police forces
  • the Railway Museum