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  • Giedrius Judickas
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  • Tomas Digaitis
  • 37061920533
  • tomas.digaitis@litrail.lt
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Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration, the Traffic Police

  • Awareness measures

We will start our Safety at Level Crossings Campaign from 6th of June.
Lithuanian Railways (LG), the Traffic Police, Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration representatives will be patrolling at the most dangerous level crossings. Safety leaflets, reflectors will be distributed. Pedestrians and drivers will be reminded how to cross level crossings safely. Pedestrians and drivers who do not follow the safe crossing procedure will be warned or issued a penalty notice by the Traffic Police.
At one of the most busy and high risk Lentvaris level crossing the media will be invited to attend a press conference on level crossings safety issues, safety measures and awareness. Coverage of the event and promotion of safe behaviour at level crossings will be shown on TV news and written reports in newspapers and on internet news sites. For this year’s Safety at Level Crossings Campaign LG has introduced Indian Railways experience in level crossing safety - painted sleepers. At Zokniai pedestrian level crossing where there was fatal accident last year, LG painted sleepers yellow the distance 100 m to either side of the level crossing with sequence 5 painted sleepers and 15 not painted sleepers.
It was observed that people have difficulty in judging speed of large objects, but when they see yellow sleepers passing under the train it’s easier for them to judge speed and distance as the sleepers pass under the train.
After the trial it will be decided whether to adopt this system to other level crossings.