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  • Telephone number : + 421903244460
  • Contact names and coordinates of the Press/Communication person(s) in my company : Daniela Detersova
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  • Address of company’s website : http://www.zsr.sk
  • Weblink to our dedicated level crossings’ website :http://www.zsr.sk/anglicky.html?page_id=124

    Total number of LX in 2008: 2307
    Total number of LX in 2009: 2265
    Total number of LX in 2010: 2220
    Total number of LX in 2011: 2205
    Total number of LX in 2012: 2160
    Total number of LX in 2013: 2155

  • Total number of accidents in 2008: 69
  • Total number of accidents in 2009: 51
  • Total number of accidents in 2010 : 50
  • Total number of accidents in 2011 : 50
  • Total number of accidents in 2012 : 50
  • Total number of accidents in 2013 : 25

_Number of collisions with commercial vehicles (buses, trucks, taxis) in 2013 : 27
Collisions with trucks up to 3,5 t, 5 collisions with others trucks (1x saltcar,1x dupm car, 2x lorry truck,1x tractor)

Total number of fatalities in 2008: 17
Total number of fatalities in 2009: 26
_Total number of fatalities in 2010 : 11
_Total number of fatalities in 2011 : 12
_Total number of fatalities in 2012 : 21
_Total number of fatalities in 2013 : 10
_Number of fatalities due to collisions with commercial vehicles in 2013 :32

_Total length of lines (km) : 3631 km

_Total number of train km/year (thousands) : 45645

List of partners involved in our 2014 campaign :
_MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT of the Slovak Republic
_MINISTRY OF INTERIOR of the Slovak Republic

Link to a video or poster that our company has made for ILCAD (even for past campaigns) :

  • ZSR ILCAD Banner :

This year ŽSR within the focus at pedestrians at level crossings decided to undertake a simulated collision of a human dummy and a train at selected level crossing. Through a short DVD spot the demonstration will be available to the public and the media with the aim to make public aware of extreme seriousness, the tragic dimension and dangerous situations that can happen at railway level crossing in a single moment of inattention, and also related aftermaths of such tragic accident in terms of the loss of life, severe injuries, enormous property damage. With this demonstration we would like to alert the road users to think twice when passing through a level crossing, to act cautiously and adhere to the provision of the Act on Road Traffic.

English version:

Slovak version: http://youtu.be/2KkYv0p9eKQ

National actions prepared as a part of the International Level Crossing Awareness Day 2013:

_Simulated collision at selected level crossing.

_Zhelko´s Kindergarten

Also this year´s the mascot of ŽSR for level crossing safety is railwaymen hedgehog, whose been given name „Zhelko“. ŽSR´s mascot is used for a publication aimed at kindergarten and primary school children named Zhelko´s Kindergarten. With attractive colouring and images, the book provides children with basic situations in a playful way, occurred at railways as well as explanations how to act in certain situations. The main characters of the book are railway hedgehog Zhelko and a playful rabbit, who is tutored by Zhelko what is wrong and why. Publication reported a huge success among educators, parents and children and is freely available at www.zsr.sk.