Company : FFE ( Fundaciòn de los Ferrocarriles Españoles)

Contact :

  • Ángeles Táuler Alcaraz
  • angelestauler@ffe.es
  • 34911511053

Company’s website : www.ffe.es

Level crossings’ website : /

National campaign website : /

Youtube : /

Facebook : /

Twitter: /

Contacts at Press/Communication:
Sarah Whalley /+34 911511024 / swhalley@ffe.es
Laura Lorenzo /+ 34 911511018 / llorenzo@ffe.es

For Statistics:

Awareness measures

Dissemination of ILCAD 2018 campaign materials (poster, video, press release, GIF, banner) through different digital and physical channels:
• Publication of press release in the Vía Libre online news bulletin (https://www.vialibre-ffe.com/boletin/).
• Dissemination of video, poster, GIF, banner and press release through social networks of two national railway museums (Museo de Delicias and Museo de Vilanova i el Geltrú), Via Libre Railway Magazine, Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles (e.g. facebook, twitter, blogs, webpage, FFE corporate Youtube channel).
• Press release, poster and ILCAD 2018 video link to be sent to the members of the Spanish Technological Railway Platform (PTFE).
• Display of ILCAD 2018 material on information screen at the entrance of the FFE headquarters.

Video 2015 in Spanish: “¡Tómate tu tiempo, no te juegues la vida!”: https://vimeo.com/128238886; https://youtu.be/SWwAT8ZNLDM