Company: ADIF

Contact:Escalera Alonso Alfonso



Company: FFE ( Fundaciòn de los Ferrocarriles Españoles)


  • Ángeles Táuler Alcaraz
  • angelestauler@ffe.es
  • 34911511053

Company’s website: www.ffe.es

Level crossings’ website: /

National campaign website: /

Youtube: /

Facebook: /

Twitter: /

Contacts at Press/Communication:
Laura Lorenzo / +34 911511018/ llorenzo@ffe.es
Silvia Gamo/ +34 911511010 / silviagamo@ffe.es

List of partners

• Museo del Ferrocarril de Cataluña de Vilanova i la Geltrú (http://museudelferrocarril.org/en/)
• Museo del Ferrocarril de Madrid Delicias (http://www.museodelferrocarril.org/)
• Vía Libre - Railway Magazine (http://www.vialibre.org/)
• Spanish Technological Railway Platform (PTFE) (http://www.ptferroviaria.es/en/)

Awareness mesures

Dissemination of ILCAD 2019 campaign materials (poster, video, press release) through different digital and physical channels:
• Publication of press release in the Vía Libre online news bulletin (https://www.vialibre-ffe.com/boletin/).
• Dissemination of video, poster and press release through social networks of two national railway museums (Museo de Delicias and Museo de Vilanova i el Geltrú), Via Libre Railway Magazine, Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles (e.g. facebook, twitter, blogs, webpage, FFE corporate Youtube channel).
• Press release, poster and ILCAD 2019 video link to be sent to the members of the Spanish Technological Railway Platform (PTFE).
• Display of ILCAD 2019 material on information screen at the entrance of the FFE headquarters.

Other comments

All statistics cited above are sourced from the ERAIL database (Common Safety Indicators).


Video 2015 in Spanish: “¡Tómate tu tiempo, no te juegues la vida!”: https://vimeo.com/128238886; https://youtu.be/SWwAT8ZNLDM