• Alexandra Kravchuk: kravchuk@roadsafety.org.ua
  • Natalya Kysliak, URSA communication manager: kysliak@roadsafety.org.ua


-* Number of level crossings in 2002: 6200

  • Number of level crossings in 2011: 5661

The number of level crossings decreases by 10-15% annually.

  • For the maintenance of level crossings, "Ukrzaliznytsya" spends 300 million UAH every year.
  • For the equipment of crossing with guards and barriers, as well as the construction of overpasses over the crossings.
  • The equipment of crossings with two barriers costs: 1 million UAH
  • The equipment of crossings with four barriers; 1.4 million UAH.
  • The equipment with devices that prevent movement costs 3.4 million UAH.
  • For the construction of the overpass over the crossings:34 million UAH are needed.
  • In order to equip the 1492 crossings with moving bus traffic with barriers and guards: 1.5 to 5 billion UAH are needed.
  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs plans to amend the “Traffic rules”, so that for any unauthorized crossing of the railway crossing – drivers may be forbidden to drive a vehicle.