1. Representant for GREAT BRITAIN: England, Scotland and Wales: NETWORK RAIL

  • Martin Gallagher: martin.gallagher@networkrail.co.uk
  • Press/Communication person(s):
  • Kate Snowden kate.snowden@networkrail.co.uk (020 3356 9530)

Total number of LX in 2007:
Total number of LX in 2008:
Total number of LX in 2009: 6600
Total number of LX in 2010: 6452
Total number of LX in 2011: 6452

Accidents in 2007: 14
Accidents in 2008: 23
Accidents in 2009: 16
Accidents in 2010: 7
Accidents in 2011: 12

Fatalities in 2007: 13
Fatalities in 2008: 14
Fatalities in 2009: 13
Fatalities in 2010: 4
Fatalities in 2011: 6

(2011 figures are provisional)

Awareness measures 2012:

  • In conjunction with the BTP we’re running awareness session at over 22 level crossings throughout Britain, as well attending county shows in the coming months. A new rail safety initiative, Rail Life, targeted at children raises awareness of level crossing safety. This new initiative includes a website, www.rail-life.co.uk, targeted at 11-17 year olds, as well as resources for teachers and community groups to run assemblies and classes on level crossing safety.

List of measures taken in our country that have improved significantly the safety at level crossings:

  • 1. nation advert
  • 2. radio spots
  • 3. press coverage
  • 4. Leaflets, posters, and other collateral


  • NR (Network Rail)
  • RSSB (Railway Safety Standards Board)
  • Industry
  • Police forces
  • National/Regional media


Videos, Photos, Posters, Leaflets

  • 2. Second ILCAD partner in Northern Ireland
  • Keith Pollock: martin.gallagher@networkrail.co.uk
  • Level Crossing Risk Coordinator
  • Infrastructure Division
  • N.I. Railways
  • l 3 Milewater Road l Belfast l BT3 9BG
  • Telephone: 02890 351201 l Internal Extension: 5411
  • Email: keith.pollock@translink.co.uk

Awareness measures 2012 in Northern Ireland:

  • 1. We have been and will be attending some agricultural shows in Northern Ireland and issuing leaflets with the heading ‘ Act Safely at Level Crossings’. There will also be associated media.
  • 2. Tomorrow we have invited a number of crossing users to our Rail Operations Training Academy were they will be given an opportunity to use the signalling simulator and also the train simulator. This event will give them an appreciation of what goes on in the cab of a train and also in a signalling cabin when they make a call through to it.
  • 3. On Thursday the 7th, we will be issuing leaflets and advice at 2 public level crossing. Railway staff and hopefully the local community police officers (PSNI) will also be in attendance.
  • 4. Letters will be sent to 450 known user worked crossing users over the weekend informing them about ILCAD and reminding them of their responsibilities and to remind others to use crossing appropriately.
  • 5. Numerous newspaper articles will be released on and around the 7th June.

Publications in Northern Ireland: