ILCAD 2015

The international conference hosted by TCDD to launch ILCAD 2015 in Istanbul went extremely well: over 150 participants from 13 different countries.
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For information we already have a full list of volunteering ILCAD partners to host the editions to come!! Hurry up if you want to be a candidate on this list !

New Video for ILCAD 2015: Take your time, don’t risk your life! also available in French and Spanish, see links hereunder

Summary of the film:

Almost all collisions at level crossings are du to users’ behavior (road users, pedestrians and cyclists) because of a non-respect of the highway code, distraction, habit, complacency, ignorance of existing risks, stress of not reaching school, work or an appointment in due time. These behaviors may lead to level crossing users’ unsafe decisions simply causing their death or heavy injuries. They also may put other persons at danger in their own vehicle or on trains (railway staff and passengers).
Pedestrians crossing tracks walking underneath or climbing above barriers to save minutes, or cyclists zigzaging between two semi barriers, wait sometimes for a fist train passing but don’t pay attention to a second train coming from the opposite direction and get hit.
In order to better aware pedestrians and cyclists who become offenders or who are unconscious of the high risks they may take, UIC produced a new video of one minute and posters. These posters address pedestrians and cyclists in particular but also all other users distracted by new technologies (phones, headphones, GPS..) or simply stressed by modern life. Those persons do simply not respect the highway code and take huge risks by crossing tracks when the light is on, barriers are down announcing the arrival of a train …
Slogan : Take your time, don’t risk your life!
On 3rd June 2015 the railway community, road safety advocates, international institutions, academics and researchers will meet again to officially launch the 7th edition of ILCAD. This year the event will be hosted by Turkish Railways (TCDD) in Istanbul. The public targeted in 2015 will be pedestrians and cyclists.

Please click on this file to have more info on the event on 3 June
final programme

Our posters


Posters for web use in .jpg and pdf.format

English posters
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French posters
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Spanish posters
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