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For statistics:
RZD 2016 Statitics

List of partners involved in our 2014 campaign :

  • Railway Corporate communications services

List of awareness measures in all regions of Russia :

  • "Railway corporate communications services – branch units of JSC “Russian Railways” have planned the following traditional activities for the International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD) on 10–11 June 2016:
  • 1. Promotional activities with media engagement at railway crossings, driving schools and auto enterprises with precautionary discussions of why traffic rules must be followed at railway crossings.
  • 2. Engagement of media in round tables / conferences / exhibitions with representatives of regional authorities and Federal Traffic Safety Inspectorate devoted to railway crossing safety.
  • 3. Contacts with regional media (routine requests, interviews with designated spokespersons, media tours to railway crossings and distribution of printed materials).
  • 4. Engagement of corporate media in covering the aspects of railway crossing safety cooperation between railways and public authorities.
  • 5. Broadcasting of videos encouraging drivers to observe traffic rules on the city’s advertising screens; distribution of printed products, presentations and videos among participants of promotion campaigns and events.
  • Corporate Communications Media Office of Gorky Railway suggests a number of interactive “situational” media events:
  • media tour with imitation of car accident at railway crossing (cardboard box decoy installed at the crossing);
  • media tour with drivers from regional public transport enterprises who will be riding a rail bus via railway crossings with the most intense automotive traffic;
  • media tour to regional training centres, where representatives of the media will take an express training on the “Driving cab” simulator with a simulated situation requiring emergency brake application;
  • media tour to railway crossings in the “Journalist trade swap” format, where representatives of the media will be acting as railway crossing attendants.
  • These activities will be recommended to other corporate communications services for raising public awareness of the International Level Crossing Awareness Day.
  • A number of events involving the use of automotive vehicles and motorcycles will take place at Gorky and October Railways:
  • event-related motor rally with racing cars in cooperation with Kazan-Ring and Nizhny Novgorod-Ring motor-racing tracks;
  • event-related motorcycle rally with bikers and street-racers from St. Petersburg.
  • Corporate Communications Unit of Kaliningrad Railway, in association with related services and business units, will draw up a “risk points map”, and Corporate Communications Service of October Railway will conduct a railway crossing safety and accident prevention poll on its website.
  • Corporate Communications Service of Northern Railway is planning to develop a video series “The real driver” (with regional celebrities), which will be distributed through social media.
  • Another focal point is the initiative proposed by Corporate Communications Service of October Railway: a challenge prize “Safe railway crossing”, handed over every six months to the governor of a region with the lowest railway crossing accident rate.