What is ILCAD?

The International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD) is a worldwide initiative to improve awareness of level crossing safety. The campaign has been spearheaded by the UIC, the worldwide railway organisation with the support of the railway community around the world.

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ILCAD 2023

15 JUNE, 2023 Worldwide campaign, INTERNATIONAL Conference, Warsaw, Poland

The 15th edition of ILCAD on 15 June 2023 was preceded by TRESPAD on 14 June 2023. The conferences were hosted by PKP and PKP Group Foundation in Warsaw, Poland.

  • ILCAD public targeted in 2023 : "Agricultural and industrial crossing users"
  • ILCAD Slogan 2023 : "Tracks are for Trains!"

ILCAD is supported by: Global Railway Review Roundtable: Safer Level Crossings, read article


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ILCAD 2016: "Do not overestimate your capacities near railway tracks"
ILCAD 2015 "Take your time don’t risk your life!"
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